How to Save Money this Summer

Summertime is the absolute best time to save on food, in my opinion. Especially in the colder climates when everything but potatoes and onions get pretty darn expensive in the wintertime, summer is a relief for the taste buds and the budget. Here are three of my favourite ways to save on food in the summertime- and one tip on how to save all year long.

1. Buy in Season.

It’s a simple fact that food in season is MUCH less expensive. Grapefruits, though delicious and refreshing, are a winter fruit. Choose watermelon, in the summer months. Choosing foods that are in season will save you a TON over the warmer months- as there are a lot more options!

2. Hit up the Farmer’s markets!

When buying locally, you HAVE to buy seasonally- it’s all that’s available from farms! Not only are farmers markets fantastic for supporting the local economy + agriculture, they can be a huge savings for your wallet. I like to wander the market on the weekend with some cash in my pocket and base my menus off of what I pick up!

3. Eat Simply.

Food is so fresh and delicious in the summer months, there is no reason to add lots of extra ingredients and expensive sauces. Eat simply, buy quality, choose local and in season and your food will be fantastic without the added ingredients- or costs.

4. Save all year: Buy in bulk and FREEZE.

If you can afford it, space and wallet wise, buy a whole bunch of extra produce when it’s on sale and FREEZE (or can, if you’re up to it!) for the winter months. This will save you on items like tomatoes, berries and herbs for the colder season ahead.

How do you save on food in the warmer months?