Time to settle down

I have spent the last week settling in to my Rhode Island summer. Unpacking my bags into the room that has all my old furniture, but was never really mine. Tossing old clothes, washing my chef whites and sharpening my knives for a new day’s work. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market for a hefty supply of local honey, cage-free eggs, springy greens and grass-fed meat to stock the freezer. Wandering the yard in the sun, following the cats and learning to vegetable garden from my expert dad. Though I count down the days til I see my husband again, I already know I’m going to enjoy my time here immensely.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I’d like this blog to take, these next few months. The summer has always been a tough blogging time, with all the work and business and lounging in the hot summer sun. I revert to green salads, raw veggies and fresh fruit and cooking is reserved for working, only. I am also about to reveal my new project, very soon, one that is near and dear to my heart and will take a lot more of my time and passion. I don’t plan on abandoning killing the blog, at least not any time soon. But I will say expect these posts to be far and few between, but full of love and good food. Have a wonderful summer, friends. I will see you in a few weeks.