I had the best of intentions. Get a bunch of posts pre-written before my trip, line up some awesome guest posters (stay tuned!) and keep the blog filled with summer foodie fun the whole month long. WELL…I think you can see how that turned out. I didn’t forget about you, loves, I think about you often and wish the internet were more available to me on the magestical tallship I currently call home. But as it always seems to, life happens and even with the best of intentions sometimes we must disappear from time to time. Hopefully this will mark my reappearance in the blog world- Starbucks and their new Hibiscus Refresher drinks are going to be my new best friend as I try and keep up with blogging whilst working and living life to the fullest on this unique adventure I have embarked on. And if not- well, that’s alright too, there is always September. As we say on the boat when things don’t go as planned and there’s just nothing you can do- “YOLO”; You Only Live Once (see The Motto by Drake * note- link NSFW*). I hope you all are staying cool and having a wonderful summer filled with all of the things summer should be.