Gremolata Food Recipe

Yesterday I shared with you my favorite fresh spring condiment, gremolata, that I turn into a sauce with just a little bit of lemon juice and olive oil. Now, I’m sharing five of my favorite ways to use this sauce- aside from the traditional osso bucco (though I’ll be honest- that’s a really great use for it!). Let me know what your favorite uses for my favorite herb-filled sauce are.

1. As a sauce for your favorite lean white protein. Ex: seared chicken breast with sea salt and cracked pepper, or white fish broiled with olive oil and lemon juice.

2. In place of pesto as a spread for fancy canapés or simply on almond crackers (in sauce form, of course)

3. Use it to marinate your favorite meat- here, more chicken (I love the light flavor with leaner proteins) for a couple hours, shake off any excess and sear in a hot pan for a delicious gremolata-crusted chicken breast.

4. As a finisher on your favorite grain salad- it adds a wonderful punch of flavor when sprinkled on top of a veggie filled quinoa or millet salad.

5. Husband’s contribution: in a smoothie. Erm, garlic? Maybe notsomuch. Thanks for the try! How about on top of soup, swirled on top just at the end for a little bit of zest.