Weekly Food Roundup

Since going grain-free (to aid in solving my digestion issues), the number one question I have been asked is: What do you eat? Well to me, the answer seems simple: I eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, some fermented soy. Not only have I steered clear of grains, but also all forms of dairy (even goat dairy, for now), meat and poultry. I realize to others, this might seem impossible, to eat such a limited diet and still feel full and satisfied. I’m here to tell you- impossible it’s not. In fact, after I got the hang of it, it’s been pretty darn easy!

I thought I would address this FAQ with a post dedicated to my grain-free life. Part food diary, part inspiration to show you, readers, that not matter what sort of crazy dietary plan you’re on to heal this-or-that, it’s always possible to eat healthful, delicious foods.

Please note that this is simply an example of the foods I eat every day. It changes day to day and week to week. Please don’t take this as exactly how one “should” eat a grain-free diet, as everyone has different needs. This is what works for me, and me alone, and I encourage you to determine what works best for you, aided by suggestions from your nutritionist, naturopath or doctor.

Every morning, I wake up to the same routine. Head to the kitchen to take my first batch of supplements and have my water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Then, I’ll either head out for a brisk walk, a short in-home yoga practice, or I’ll cozy up to some blogs if I have some form of exercise planned for later in the day. Once I’ve gotten back, my supplements have kicked in and it’s time for breakfast.

95% of the time, I start my day with a cold smoothie. In the summertime, my latest favorite has been making “ice cream” smoothie with extra ice and frozen fruit for a cool icy morning treat.

Wanna bite?

Most days, the smoothie is consumed sitting at my desk, reading blogs. Bad conscious eating practice, I know.

I usually don’t go into work until the afternoon, so I’ll spend 3-4 hours working at my computer. Sometimes I’ll get hungry for a snack, and I’ll grab a handful of pre-soaked nuts and seeds. Most days I just work through until I hear my stomach growling for lunch. If I’m at the boat, I’ll bring a smoothie on the streetcar with me, and usually snack on vegetables throughout the morning.

On the weekend, sometimes I’ll have a fun breakfast like an almond flour muffin, some grain-free pancakes or grain-free bread with almond butter and 1/3 of a banana on top.


Lunches often depend on what I ate for dinner the night before. Leftovers are a quick and easy lunch that I can just grab in between working at my computer, cooking or running errands, or before I head off to work. I’ll spare you the pictures of my glass pyrex containers filled with a mash of leftovers. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and make a salad of my leftovers, like these two versions of leftover salmon:

I always, always, always have an afternoon snack. If it’s a good week, I’ve made something fresh on Sunday to last me through the week. This is sometimes muffins, nut-and-seed bars, or if I’ve made grain-free bread, some bread with natural jam.


Dinner is going to seem pretty familiar to you, it’s what I most often post here on the blog. Being grain-free, I’ve kept it fairly simple. Lots of grilled salmon, tempeh stirfries and “rice” and beans. But I also mix it up with fun things like grain-free pizza!

At work, it is 99.9% of the time this:

Two hard-cooked eggs, on salad greens, with homemade dressing (plus my supplements and a buttload of water in my very dented needs-to-be-replaced bottle).

If I’m home alone, more often than not it’s eggs of some sort.


It varies, sometimes it’s a small handful of carob chips, usually it’s some sort of fun treat I’m working on for the blog! Sometimes I don’t have dessert, but most often I’ll have a little something 🙂

So there you have it! My grain-free life. Not too shabby, right? I still eat plenty of really healthy, yummy foods and rarely if ever feel deprived.

What is one staple meal or ingredient you always have? For us, it’s eggs and beans. You can’t go wrong with eggs! And having a can of beans on hand opens up a huge door of possibilities for dinner!