Baking Bread!

Last Saturday, I texted my mom: Mom- I baked BREAD! She said something back like Wow, or Thats great! Clearly she wasnt as excited as I was. I was ecstatic. Because even though I beat the eggs, stirred the almond flour, ground the flax seed and poured the batter into the pan, I was highly doubting a loaf of bread would result. Because grain-free bread? Does that even exist? Yes, yes it does.

After nearly two months of grain-free, and over six of gluten-free, Im happy that I have transformed a few of my favorite meal and snacks into grain-free delicacies. Whoever said grain-free was restrictive, or boring didnt spend enough time in the kitchen! I truly believe you can make any diet delicious, whether its due to food allergies, or healing, its all about experimenting, and making it happen.

The bread recipe I tried was this one. I liked it (the whole loaf is gone!), but it was a bit too eggy for me. Im working on re-creating my own with a few tweaks, hopefully Ill have that recipe for you soon.