My Luxury Kitchen Items

WOW guys. $60 for my cookies alone! Thank you, SO much to everyone who participated. I’m very happy myself, winning a bid from my favorite natural cookie company, but even more I am happy to help out. Now, a little bit of foodie talk. I was most excited to write this installment of Top ten lists, from the beginning when I started the series. Because who doesn’t love to dream? I decided to write this list in two sections, items that I am fortunate to own, love and think you should have on your list, and items that are on my own kitchen wish list.

These aren’t crazy big-ticket items like a massive eight-burner gas stove (swoon) or a giant stainless steel fridge/freezer (love), they’re small appliances that often have larger price tags, and maybe aren’t used as often in the kitchen, so they’re more luxury type items- but still loads of fun. Let’s start with a few items in my own kitchen, shall we?

Five items I own & love {and think you should, too}

1. Vita-Mix blender (or a blend-tec). I have had this baby on almost every single one of my lists, and for good reason! A high-powered blender is something I will never live without in the kitchen again, it’s so versatile and gets SO much use! Smoothies, soups, quick ice cream, sauces, purees, nut milks, and more… this guy is on the top of my list for a reason.

2. Excalibur dehydrator I love sticking anything and everything in my dehydrator, just to see what pops out! I won’t lie, this guy gets the most use making kale chips and drying out soaked nuts and seeds, but it can also be used for almond crackers, raw desserts (macaroons anyone?), dried fruits and vegetables, herbs, raw granola, and so, so much more. I use mine at least once a week, sometimes two, three or even four times.

3. Juicer My juicer is another essential item for me now. There are so many health benefits to fresh green juice, and I love waking up to a refreshing shot of vitamins first thing in the morning. I have a Jack Lalane juicer, which works just fine, but I’m looking into a Hurom Slower Juicer for my next big purchase.

4. Waffle maker I only use my waffle maker maybe once, twice a month, but it really is such a fun item to own! Inspired by Susan and her waffle wednesdays, we bought one this past year with some wedding money and are very happy we did! Of course, I’m the only one who uses it… he just reaps the benefits 😉

5. Indoor Grill (Griddler) My parents gave us the Griddler for a wedding present, and we LOVE this thing. Much safer than charcoal, not to mention you can use it inside and it doesn’t take up much room. It also has a flat-top griddle for pancakes, and a panini press function for pressed sandwiches. We use it to grill fish or make pancakes at least a couple times a week, we love it!

Five items I am lusting after {and you might be, too}

1. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

2. Ice cream maker

3. Pizza stone

4. Bread maker

5. Yogurt maker

{Runners up}

-Spiralizer- I have this one, and I love it. I use it probably once every week or two, so not a ton, but I’m so happy to have it when I’m craving something noodle-y. Zucchini noodles are a revelation!

-Pasta maker- Though I am very well trained in making pasta by hand, thanks and all the other mamas in Italy, it would be fun to experiment making gluten-free pasta with a pasta maker.

-Pressure cooker- Fresh cooked beans in half the time? Sign me up!

-Electric wok- We make lots of stirfries in our house, I think this one would get a lot of use.

A deep fryer. He keeps talking about deep fried frosted flakes. Don’t ask.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure he’d be happy with this guy, too:

Come on, share your lists! What is on your kitchen lust list?