Raw Granola Recipe

I first discovered the wonder that is raw granola at the Food Festival last year. I knew it existed, of course, but I had never tried it. Being huge lover of granola, I had my doubts that raw granola could be as exciting and tasty at the cooked variety. Then I tried it. Oh, was I wrong. Its different, thats for sure- but in a good way!

After learning how easy it is to sprout from Meghan, I decided to take my newfound skills into the kitchen and toss some sprouted buckwheat together with a few of my favorite ingredients to make my own raw granola.

I was surprised at, after sprouting, how quick and simple it was to make the granola. Then after a pop in the dehydrator for a day or so, my raw-nola dreams came true!

Superfood Raw Granola

1 cup raw buckwheat groats, soaked or sprouted (amount will increase after soaking/sprouting)
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup pumpkin
1/4 cup goji berries
2 tbsp coconut
2 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp hemp seeds
pinch cinnamon
pinch sea salt
3 tbsp coconut oil
~2 tbsp raw honey, or to taste- melted lightly

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Spread evenly between two dehydrator sheets.

Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 18-24 hours, flipping once or twice until slightly crunchy.

Makes about 2 cups worth.

Enjoy on its own or with some fresh homemade almond milk!

Ever tried raw granola? What are your favorite granola add-ins?