Spring Clean Your Body this Year

With Spring on the horizon- I hear birds chirping, I’m wearing ballet flats, and the sun greets we every morning- I want to focus on a little Spring cleaning inside and out.

I take every season as a chance to make some healthy changes and assess where I am in my life. With Spring I always like to clean out my closets, clean up my diet, and get out more!

Here are some of my ways to step into Spring with extra bounce in your step:

Indulge in Colorful Salads

With the abundance of fresh produce hitting the stores and markets it’s a shame not to take advantage. I’m craving fresh, raw food like nothing else lately and salad is my favorite way to indulge. The secret to a good salad? Have fun with it! Pile it high with delicious ingredients- aim for something sweet, something salty, and something crunchy in your salad for a taste explosion. Some favorite combos:

– Spinach with fresh berries, raw nuts, and a balsamic honey dressing

– Salade nicoise with romaine lettuce, tuna, hard boiled egg, baby potatoes, green beans and anchovies

– Green goddess salad with romaine, kale, sprouts, avocado and lots of vegetables

– Southern salad with grilled chicken, romaine, corn, baby tomatoes, red onion and cilantro

– Fig and smoked salmon salad with mixed greens, shallots, fresh herbs and a honey balsamic vinaigrette

Fill your Fridge with Freshness

Take Spring cleaning to your fridge! Throw out any old produce, sauces, or funky items and give it a good clean. Once your fridge is bright and shiny fill it with the best things you can find! Rules to live by:

-Buy glass containers for dressings/sauces when possible

-Stick to items with ingredients you recognize

-Usually, the shorter the shelf life, the fresher it is!

-Shop daily or weekly for fresh food if possible

-Buy bulk veggies and clean and cut them ahead of time so that you always have a healthy snack

Throw out the Garbage

If you’re like me, you hate waste. But if you have some Frankenstein food living in your cupboard: throw it away or donate it. This leaves more room in your pantry for healthy staples! Great pantry items to have on hand:

-Dried beans/canned beans

-Grains like oats, millet, quinoa and brown rice

-Natural protein powders

-Nuts and seeds (I keep mine in the freezer)

-Almond milk

-Honey and maple syrup

-Nut butters

Find Healthy Substitutes

Now that winter is over I’m craving less heavy comfort food and having fun with lighter versions of old classics. Healthy substitutions keep you satisfied without feeling like you’re missing out. Some favorites:

Burritos – Salad piled high with beans, avocado and salsa

Buttery popcorn- Popcorn with hot sauce

Chocolate desserts – Chia puddings

Pasta – Kelp or tofu noodles with spicy sauces

Cereal – Puffed millet or oatmeal

Nachos – Spicy kale chips

Do you find yourself eating better and craving fresh produce come Spring?