New Cafes Making Waves

On Monday, I met up with the lovely friend for tea. Not just any tea- but an almond milk latte at the new Mylk Uncookies cafe here in Toronto. Say what? Almond milk latte? Oh yes, my friends- my latte dreams have come true.

Mylk Uncookies is a new cafe in downtown Toronto, featuring organic espresso drinks, tea and tea lattes, and a variety of vegan, gluten-free and raw treats. My ideal cafe!

After an unfortunate wrong turn down a road I have never actually been on {Yes, I have lived in Toronto for a year. Im a west-ender. Dont judge.} I arrived late and sweaty. Obviously when I realized I had taken a wrong turn I decided it was only fitting to run, not walk to the vegan cafe.

As soon as I walked in I loved the atmosphere. Funky modern design, clean white tables and calming blue paint- I was relaxed right away. After saying hello, Morgan and I made a beeline to the counter where we oogled at the variety of vegan sweet treats. What else would foodies do?

I chose the Lucuma raw vegan macaroon, and of course- an almond milk latte. Even though it was 20C out and I was still a sweaty beast. Im glad Morgan is such an accepting friend. 😉 What I instantly loved was the fun variety of teas- I chose a sweet spiced rooibos (caffeine free) to go with the fresh, homemade almond milk . Thats right- not only do they have a dairy-free option rather than icky processed soy, they make their own almond milk. Can you tell how excited this made me?

After grabbing our treats we sat down and proceeded to spend two hours chatting. Time flies when youre having fun! I sipped my latte slowly, impressed by the richness of the creamy almond milk and the perfect combination of sweet, spicy tea and frothed milk. It really was the perfect latte- everything I could have dreamed from an almond milk latte- and being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of tea lattes, that is really something.

The macaroon was delicious in itself- though I had to stop myself from thinking it of a macaroon because although the sweet coconut flavor was prominent, it didnt have the texture or form of a macaroon as I know it. Still, it was delicious and I would definitely go for one again in an instant.

Overall, do I really have to convince you guys how much I loved this place? It had me at fresh almond milk, really. But honestly it is probably my new favorite cafe in the city. My only complaint? Its an hour from my apartment. Bummer. Guess Im going to need to stock up on tokens.