Versailles and Traveling Through France

Exquisite elegance and detail beyond compare. This palace and its grounds are a dream come true for even a king. We took the self-guided audio tour here and were well satisfied with the information. (Plus, we had our ever-present Rick Steves’ guide on France for any additional details we required.) Though we spent several hours here, I could have spent days exploring and admiring the ornate and delicate details apparent everywhere.
Infamous Hall of Mirrors
A Delightful Surprise
Marie Antoinette’s Trianon Estate, given to her by her husband, the King, in 1774, was one of my favorite stops. She was a fascinating woman, who is well worth the research and, I believe, little understood.
I have always been intrigued with the varying accounts of Marie Antoinette and her lavish lifestyle. She was the only queen who imposed her personal tastes on Versailles, scoffing at court traditions. She loved The Trianon Estate and reveled in the privacy she found there which allowed her to escape from the rigors of Court Etiquette. To me, she is an interesting contrast of simple country girl and an indulgent and luxuriant queen.