Quick Dinners

I think the general consensus for yesterdays cookies was butter! Well I knew that! 😉 Honestly though, thanks for all the amazing suggestions- I think I may just have to do a side-by-side comparison of coconut oil and organic butter. What a shame, having to make two more batches of cookies I guess I have the time, now that most of my dinners have been taking me about ten minutes to make.

Oh yes, take that Rachel Ray- ten minutes. You know my secret? Pre-prep. Wait a second youve all heard this before, havent you? Prep your ingredients before hand and throw it all together to make a delicious dinner in no time at all. Its old news, really.

However, I think its something I think a lot of us have lost. Often times people think they need to make an entire meal from scratch to make it wholesome and healthful. If you made your meal out of fresh, wholesome ingredients and did 95% of the processing in your kitchen (or someone happened to bring you a fresh, wholesome meal- but thats another story) it is surely much, much healthier than anything you could have made from a box, poured from a bottle or grabbed on your way home. A delicious meal doesnt have to take hours to be healthy- I promise!

As I get busier and busier, working on my future business plans, at my internship and spending less time in my home kitchen, its become essential to have quick-to-prepare dishes for when I come home ravenous, or on the rare occasion I ask my guy to make dinner.

Of course, I want my meals to be healthy, but also delicious and satisfying. So I simply take a couple hours on the weekend or the beginning of the week and make up a couple sauces and I come up with some delicious quick meals throughout the week that are flavorful, healthful and often pretty darn creative, too.

I start out with a few basic sauces/dips that I mix up with different spices and flavor combinations. Often Ill keep them plain so I can use them as-is or change up according to what Im feeling like. If Im in a spicy mood Ill add some cayenne or red pepper, or maybe I want a sweeter satay sauce so Ill add some stevia/honey to it, etc. It really couldnt be easier! Takes me an hour, or less early in the week, and then meals are ready to go, all I have to do is chop some veg (you could do this before to make it even easier!), make a grain, throw in some protein and dinner is done.

Today, Im throwing together:

-raw cheeze sauce (cashews, nutritional yeast, red pepper, sea salt, water) goes on kale chips, pasta for him (macaroni and cheese- no blue box needed) or a big kale salad for me, as a dip sauce or over veggies and rice

-easy tahini sauce (tahini, lemon or apple cider vinegar, tamari, sea salt, garlic, water to thin- all to taste) perfect over broccoli and brown rice, with homemade frozen baked falafel, as a dip for just about everything, thinned as a salad dressing

-quick satay sauce (peanut or almond butter, coconut milk, curry powder, sea salt) great over rice or rice noodles with tofu/tempeh/meat and veg, as a dip sauce or a marinade

-hummus of some sort I make a batch a week, and theres never leftovers. Goes on everything!

I also almost always cook up 1-2 pots of dried beans, sometimes Ill make a grain for grain porridge, Ill freeze bananas for smoothies, make a batch of almond milk and chop up some veggies so the husband chooses them with some hummus over the kettle chips we have sitting on top of the fridge (just in case). Its all about making it homemade!

Heres an example of a meal that literally took me ten minutes to make, on Friday when our plans fell short and we didnt know what to do for dinner:

Tofu rice noodles with quick satay sauce:
1. Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Add rice noodles and cook until soft (8 minutes)

2. Meanwhile, cut tofu into desired size squares. Cook on medium heat in a dry pan until golden (5 minutes). While tofu is cooking, chop a few vegetables (and some herbs if desired) and add the veg to the noodles that are cooking to blanch (3 minutes). All of this is done while noodles are cooking!

3. Drain noodles and vegetables, add to pan with tofu, pour pre-prepared satay sauce over top and stir to combine (2 minutes). [Sauce will heat with hot noodles and tofu]. Divide into plans, top with chopped herbs- ta da!