Almond Milk Recipe

Almond milk is one of those things I throw in my cart weekly without giving it a second thought. Every so often Ill grab coconut or hemp milk instead, but more often than not its my old trusty Almond Breeze. I drink a lot of smoothies, that is a lot of processed nut milk. But it is so simple to make at home- and more cost effective- I dont know why I havent stopped buying it a long time ago.

Like I said above, almond milk couldnt be more simple. It takes about five minutes to make, total, and the taste cant be beat. You can also use this same recipe for other nuts- cashew milk anyone? How about pecans or walnuts? The possibilities are endless.

All you need is:
– raw almonds (I like to use 1 cup per batch; it only lasts a few days)
– a blender
– water [this one may be tough to find, check out where you can get some in your area 😉 ]
– a nut milk bag

Me and my nut sack.

-a big bowl
-sweetener of choice (optional)

Start out with one cup of almonds. I like to soak them first- increases digestibility and makes them easier to blend. I only soaked mine for about five hours, but overnight is ideal.

Rinse your almonds and place them in your blender. Cover with twice the amount of water (2 cups). Add your sweetener of choice; I just used some pure organic vanilla extract.

Blend on high for about 30 seconds to a minute- until theyre all blended up. Depending on the speed of your blender, this could take longer.

Now is the fun part. Place your nut sack in a large bowl and pour in the almond mixture. (Side note: I can not refer to a nut milk bag as anything other than such without giggling. Thanks to Meghan, for that. haha.)

Pull the top closed, and SQUEEZE all of the milk out of the bag. Keep going yep, theres still some left keep squeezing until the pulp is dry.

**Be careful to not squeeze too hard or you may get squirted, like I did. No, that was not a joke. Messy to clean up, I tell ya. ;)**

Save the pulp for another use say, some almond crackers? I have mine dehydrating as we speak!

Pour the milk into another container, saving a bit for yourself for a snack.

Rich and creamy with a flavor that cant be beat, this fresh milk puts the boxed kind to shame. I swear, youll never go back.