Markets or Not to buy at Markets

There is one part of Toronto that makes me remember why I love living in a city so, so much. The cultural diversity, unique finds, interesting individuals, the really, really great food-thats Kensington market.

My first visit to Kensington was back in September with my parents, when we wandered around, browsed my favorite cookbook store, The Good Egg, laughed at the fun finds at Blue Banana, and stopped off for some authentic Mexican tostadas at one of the many family owned restaurants in the market.

I love the casual vibe, the music playing through the streets, the energy of the always- busy streets, and have been back multiple times since-for a weekend lunch and grocery shop. We hit up Hibiscus for some pre-shop nourishment, and I instantly fell in love with this little cafe.

With benches for seats, vintage knick-knacks lining the walls and an impressive display of vegan treats, how could I not?

The menu is short and sweet, with mostly vegan and all gluten-free options, which made me that much more comfortable ordering what my heart desired. We noticed a counter full of yummy looking salads, and my friend inquired as to whether we could purchase them- the waitress informed us they were all parts of the salad bowl- a whole variety of amazing vegan salads packed into one bowl- my dream come true!

And after finding out the soup of day day was Kabocha squash, we both knew exactly what we were ordering. The soup and salad bowl combo only set us back just over $8 each, $10 with tax, a deal when the portion size is enough for two meals and the food is fresh and delicious. I dont think we talked much while eating, it was just that good. Its nice to have a friend who has the same understanding about food. 🙂

Filled to the brim, we took the second half of our meals to-go and made our way around the health food shops of Kensington, satisfied as ever.

Is there a part of your city that reminds you just how much you love it? What was your last great meal out?