Things I’m Loving

Noticed my internet presence is a little lacking lately? Well, I have good reason: were moving. Down the hall and two floors below, but its a move just the same- busy, stressful and never-ending! Weve been waiting for months now for the opportunity to upgrade, and the time has come. Too bad we didnt have much notice so I couldnt put together any amazing guest posts!*

Todays post was planned as another make it homemade post.. however, as it turns out I really havent made much home made (except for dinners!) this week! I know, I know- bad Chef. But I am moving- homemade almond butter will have to wait for next week.

Instead, I decided to put together a quick list of the things Ive been loving lately, for your viewing pleasure:

1. The Gena Divine Salad. It took me until two weeks ago to finally try this beauty from the lovely Gena of Choosing Raw. I dont know why it took me so long, but it is now my favorite lunch! Ive made it three times in the past two weeks and the only reason I havent made it more is because we are out of tahini. Never fear, were re-stocked and Im ready to make it again!

2. Indulgent smoothies. I made another one today, peppermint patty. Never fear, the recipe will be up soon!

3. Peace Soap. This and Dr. Bronners have saved my life cleaning the new apartment. You really can use them on everything! Love, love, love.

4. Raw cranberry coconut chocolates. Who doesnt need a little rum-spiked sweetness during moving time?? I know I do. Ive had one or three of these every day since I made them. Amazing! Ive said it before and Ill say it again, Meghan really is a raw chocolate goddess 🙂

5. Apartment Therapy. Giving me inspiration day in and day out that one day, when all of our crappola is moved out of the shoebox were in now, well have a beautiful, cozy space. One day.

6. almond pulp crackers. She gave me a couple to try with the giveaway I won on her blog and I am sad to say they were gone in less than 24 hours. Decadent but healthy? Oh, yes! Natures shortbread they are.

7. Easy one-pot meals. My days have been pretty packed lately, so when dinnertime comes around all I really want to do is throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and relax for twenty minutes. Two amazing resources for delicious, often simple vegan cuisine- my lifesavers for healthy, quick meals this week.

8. Canadian Tire. Never thought Id say it, but I am LOVING Canadian tire. Home storage for cheap? Im there. I even scored some really cute boxes that I didnt ever expect to come from Crappy Tire. Maybe I should stop calling it that

9. Synergy Triology. This fruit and ginger spiked kombucha has been another lifeline during moving times. Boosting my immune system with all those probiotics, keeping my digestion smooth and giving me a shot of energy to boot? I really need to re-stock.

10. Lent to me by my mom, this not-so-new read has been really great when I need a break in between carting boxes. I love the connection she makes between mind, body and spirit in overall wellness- incredibly inspiring!