A Fun Weekend

I dont post life posts very often anymore, but this weekend was too fun-and-food filled to not post! If youve been reading my blog long enough, youll likely have heard the story of how my husband and I met. Its actually quite funny because we could have met many times for nearly three years before we did he was roommates with my best guy friend for almost his entire college career.

This weekend, our first ever mutual friend came to visit us in the city all the way from the Ocean State. My husband got out of work early so we could meet him at the airport, where we promptly returned home and cracked open a cold Canadian beer (I stuck with cider).

As I prepared dinner, we chatted and all the while I kept thinking about how funny it was that I actually married his roommate. The roommate he once told me I wouldnt be into. Ha!

Friday night was relaxing. We hung out, had some dinner, stopped for some dessert and grabbed a few drinks at a nearby bar. All the while laughing and reminiscing about years gone by. Did you know he was actually my senior prom date??

Yep, were old school friends 🙂

After a good nights sleep, I left the boys sleeping with a breakfast treat waiting while I grabbed a tea at the coffee shop and did a little work.

Then, we made our way to the St. Lawrence market to grab some lunch. We all had wraps- they grabbed souvlaki, I made a beeline for something a bit less cooked 😉

Our afternoon was spent at one of my new favorite places in the city the science center! We were there over two hours and we hardly saw anything- definitely a full day trip, next time! It was still lots of fun, nonetheless.

There was actually an exhibit going on about natural disasters, unfortunately a bit ironic due to the terrible tragedy that occurred in Japan the same day Eric arrived to come visit. Makes me really, really thankful that I have an amazing group of friends and family that are healthy and safe, and I definitely had the people of Japan in my thoughts the entire time we explored the exhibit.

On a lighter note, we had lots of fun exploring the rainforest

and going spelunking 😉

We headed out for dinner afterwards, stopping at my favorite pizza joint for a slice (or three) and coming home to play about thirteen games of Apples to Apples. What? Its a fun game!

We stayed up way past my bedtime on Saturday eve, imagine my surprise when I woke up to my cell phone alarm at 9 on Sunday and realized my other clock still said 8. Oops forgot about that darn daylight savings.

After I woke up a little, I started my day with a big green juice topped off with a shot of wheatgrass- much needed after a couple days of indulgent eating.

We spent the morning in true Toronto fashion, brunching it up downtown.

By mid-afternoon I was tired but the boys wanted to go paint balling so I tagged along, having done it in high school a couple times and thinking it would be a fun change of pace. Yeah never again. After three painful rounds and a very large welt on my chest, I decided shooting exploding marbles at ten year olds is not my thing.

But the guys had a good time, and I was just happy to head out for a relaxing dinner with some spring rolls and a steaming bowl of soup.

He dropped off at the airport early this morning, and its back to reality again today. It was a nice break from the usual to have a friend come visit, I had a smile on my face all weekend long.

Now I just have to figure out how Im going to get a weeks worth of work done in three days I leave for Rhode Island on Thursday! I should have titled this post, my crazy life