Getting away

Sometimes its great to get away, even if its only for two short nights.

I followed my own healthy travel tips and packed up some home-made granola and almond milk for breakfast, some lemons for lemon water and we hit the road.

There were some stormy sections but we made good time and were happy to arrive to a tray full of cookies (made with rice flour!) and a warm meal being prepared by his generous parents.

The night wasnt complete without cake for the birthday boy. I think we can say my month of no refined sugar is officially over 😉

We spent the weekend being lazy. It was, ironically, too snowy to go snow-shoeing an hour away, so we settled for an easy Pad Thai lunch and an afternoon of thrift store browsing. I was in vintage house ware heaven!

We went out for a delicious dinner at one of our favorite spots, where I savored a smooth pint of Guinness and balanced it out with a fresh salmon nicoise salad. Its all about a healthy balance 😉

We spent the evening laughing and chatting with hubbies friends, well into the night. It was the perfect opportunity to sleep in on Sunday, sip a large mug of tea with a teaspoon of fresh raw honey, eat a nice breakfast and read a book.

We finally made it snowshoeing along the beach on Sunday afternoon. It wasnt easy, but it was a lot of snow-covered fun.

We arrived home late in Toronto, our car full of left over cookies and thrifted plates and bowls. Tired and lazy, we grabbed take out from our favorite healthy spot and settled in to watch a movie in bed. Sometimes even just two days can be so rejuvenating.