Stopping sugar

Happy February! Can you believe January has already come and passed? Were well on our way into the year. Crazy.

This year, instead of mapping out a list of monthly goals, I have chosen to do one health challenge per month. Challenge is really just a fancy word of saying Im make one small change to better my overall health, each month.

In January, I chose to cut out all refined sugar.

This doesnt mean I wasnt eating sweets! I got my fill of raw cacao balls, amazeballs, and naturally sweetened granola bars instead. I just stayed away from the scary white stuff. For the most part, that is. I had a couple slip ups, ate a few too many cookies last weekend, but Im human.

The great thing was that I went for it, I did the best I could, and bettered my overall health.

In my month of no sugar, I experienced

more energy. my constant mini sugar binges would leave me with the classic sugar high and near-instant crash and i felt a more steady energy without them.
less cravings. the less i ate sugary treats, the less i craved them. of course i did have cravings, but they were much, much less intense and easily satisfied with naturally sweetened treats.
a change in taste. i can not do overly sweet things now! i had some fruit juice over the weekend and it was so super sweet i couldnt drink it all. i feel like im sensitive to it now!

Just because the month is over doesnt mean Im going to start eating sour patch kids and cupcakes galore! I loved the way I felt sans-sugar and am going to continue to make my best effort at choosing natural sweeteners over refined.

So whats in store for February?

In February, I am bringing back an old friend: yoga. I did a challenge a couple months ago, to do a little bit of yoga every day. Well, with my busy life I let it slide a few days and a few more days and not surprisingly, I didnt make it. So this month I am re-comitting to my goal: Yoga, every day, for one whole month. 28 days in February. Not necessarily a full session every day, but at least 10 minutes worth. To find my center again, increase my flexibility and calm my stress.

Im even signing up for a first-month deal at a yoga studio to motivate myself. I will stick with it this time! For my body, my mind, and my soul. And I think Im going to be participating in a cool yoga-related event at the end of the month stay tuned. Im excited!

Did you reach your January goals? Whats in store for February?