Forget the abs

Yesterday was my second-to-last day doing boot camp. So sad! Hopefully I will be able to come back again soon, because it is really so much fun! I hardly even realize Im working out sometimes.

Last night was pretty intense. After our warm-up (running, jumping jacks and bench dips) we started by doing five exercises, one minute each with a short rest in between. We were jumping around, doing sumo squats, punching with our weights yes, my arms are already sore! We repeated the first five once and then did another set of five, two times around as well. I was ready to quit at the end of this! But it was so fast paced I didnt even realize 20+ minutes had passed by.

Then it was time for abs. We did some toe touches, and then we did this interesting move where we were almost in a table-top position, upside down, swinging a weight from one side to the other while raising up, and then lowering down, etc. It was pretty torturous. I was getting pretty angry at her at this point a very good sign. 😉 We finished up our ab exercises (5 in total) and repeated for 10 full minutes of abs! I will be sore tomorrow, thats for sure. I think my abs are the hardest thing for me to work on just because its such a small muscle group, I tend to forget about it- then boot camp exercises are torturous! I much prefer working my runners legs.

I cant attend on Thursday, so I have my last Fit Chicks class on Tuesday- then Ill do a full recap of the program for you and stay tuned for an amazing fitness giveaway!

What area do you forget about? Is there a muscle group you like to focus on when you exercise?