Holy heck

This has been the morning from hell. Excuse my language please. And my later posting.

Because you see, theoretically, I should have posted this right as we were about to leave a half hour ago.

Theoretically we should be halfway to the border.

Theoretically we would have a fresh-baked pan of baklava in the backseat soaking up delicious honey-spiked syrup.

But what really went down was a rushed assembly, a mistaken temperature, a burnt pan of baklava and a stressful run. And then a begging wife, a scrambling husband at the grocery store and a grateful chef.

And thus, our late departure.

But I figured now would be a better time than every to tell you about last nights boot camp! My last for November.

It was a toughie, though all of them are- this time we did an intense set of 8 workouts, 30 seconds each with a quick 20-second rest in between, two sets each. We did legs, arms and abs. Crazy hard! But super fast, so it was do-able. I liked this one a lot. Sadly, it was my last boot camp this month with Jackie- not sure what is up for December but I will keep you updated!

I will try to post while I am away but if I do not Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans, and have a great weekend to all the Canadians (and elsewhere)!