No meat

Oh, my arms pretty much guaranteed my arms out-of-commission today, after last nights torture bootcamp session. Good thing I dont cook and use my arms all day 😉

It was strength and conditioning last night, no abs- which I was thankful for, mine were still aching from Tuesday! It hurt to laugh, I tell ya. We started out with our usual running warm-up, then switched focus to strength. We started by doing 2-minutes of jumping jacks with weights. That put it into perspective for you? Phew. It was a good kind of hurt. After the jacks we did 25 pushups and 2 minutes of triceps kickbacks. And continued this pattern- strength/cardio move then pushups/kickbacks for the WHOLE class. The only thing that changed were the exercises in between the arm work- frog jumps, lunges, rows, dumbbell curls with kicks the list goes on. Nothing was easy- but is it ever? But damn, did I feel good after. The last thing we worked on was the Bosu ball.


Yeah, that thing. I have one at my parents house that I use there, but Ive always used it right-side up. In class, we used it upside-down, to do a squat for a minute (holy balance torture) and then we did a 1-minute plank, each holding onto one side. Whew! But I found it awesome that I learned new ways to use old piece of equipment. Im excited to go home and practice on it now!

So that was the end of bootcamp, week 3. Next week is our last week! I cant believe how the moth has flown by.


As youve probably noticed from the title, we have started a little challenge. The challenge is no-meat weeks, meaning for the entire workweek- Monday through Friday, weve stopped eating meat. With the exception of fish. This week was our first week completing it.

Recently, I came up with this idea- and was hesitant to run it by the hubby. I mean, the man loves his meat. (twss?) But, I mentioned it and he (surprisingly) went along with it. We decided wed abstain from meat during the week (except for his occasional on-the-go lunches, of course, Im not trying to torture him) and then Saturday and Sunday, if we so choose- likely N more than me- we can go crazy. Beef, chicken, pork, turkey, buffalo, camel- you anme it. Then on Monday its back to a pescetarian lifestyle

But why?

Personal Preference For me, it has become a personal preference- as I mentioned in my settling in post, I have gradually shifted to a more plant-based diet; however naturally this time instead of forced by choice. Ive learned how pure and energized I feel eating mostly plants, but I wont label myself- bacon is still one of my favorite foods but this is how I feel best.
Fish is full of nutrients I grew up seven minutes from the beach. The ocean was a hop, skip and a jump away. I fished with my dad. I bought seafood right from the fisherman off the docks, and cooked it fresh that night. I love fish, and have no idea why I dont eat it much anymore! Plus, it is full of nutrients- especially those heart-healthy omega-3s, lean protein and more. And though he is becoming more and more accepting of the veg meals I prepare, he doesnt feel deprived without meat for a week if he eats fish.
Better for digestion We both have acid problems. We both love food. Spicy food, acidic food- like meat. Meat is incredibly acidic, and eating it often- as much as wed like to deny it- is no good for us.
Its cheaper! 1 bag of beans costs us around $3 and lasts us 2-3 meals. $3 would maybe get us 1/2 lb of meat. Maybe. And that is ONE meal. See what Im saying?
Its eco-friendly I could go on and on about how much land animals take up, how much energy is spent preparing them for our eating pleasure but I wont. We all know it. Less meat= better for the environment.
Its easier to eat locally Lets face it: winter time isnt exactly prime time for anything fresh, and that includes meat. But it is much easier to find local grains and beans than it is to find (cheap) local meat in the winter, unless it is frozen (and likely still expensive).
Well, its better for the animals! Ok, vegans please dont hurt me. I know its not the best I can do- but its something. Limiting my meat intake to only two days a week is better than not limiting it at all, in my opinion. I love food and I love meat, but Im reducing my consumption, and thats what matters.

Oh, and this doesnt include special occasions- you can bet your bottom dollar Im having a hunk of turkey with some gravy and my uncles fantastic meaty stuffing next Thursday. 😀

What do you think of our no-meat weeks challenge? Would you do one yourself? Do you limit your meat intake (provided youre not a vegetarian already!) at all? Anyone want to come whisk for me? ouch.