Making Food Rules

Today is quite the nervewracking day for me. After cooking ALL DAY yesterday lets just say there was an instance where I was dissatisfied with the looks of my lasagna and decided to go with my infamous spaghetti bolognese instead sending the husband on my lunch break and trying not to panic. today is judgement day. The day we all gather round the tables and taste each others practicals. Do I think I did a pretty good job? Yep. Do I think I did my best? No, not really. And doubting BOTH menu choices halfway in is no good. So well see what happens


Today I thought wed talk about Food Rules.

I have mentioned food restriction, and trying to stay away from it but I have also mentioned my ailments likely being a result of my dietary choices. I am constantly learning about myself and what works for me. I want to make my diet as wholesome and healthy as possible but I also hate rules because it means there is something I cant have. And being a true foodie, I like to try everything. Hence the reason I can never stick with vegetarianism.

However, with many of my digestive problems, I shouldnt eat just anything. Everything in moderation works for me to an extent. There are some things where once-a-year moderation is quite enough for my system and other things that if I eat it once a week, Im ok. Most recently I talked about making some small changes in my diet, for the better.

Though with my issues with food in the past, I have a slight fear that setting any sort of rules for eating will set me back into a too-restrictive mindset. On the other hand, I am also someone who needs structure. If I dont say, I cant have this Ill have it. My no-dairy challenge for this month has been super hard. I had to taper off to where I am now only goat dairy.

So my question is Is it ok to have Food Rules? When is it ok to say I can have this, but I cant have that without being restrictive?

In all, I want to continue to develop the deep respect I have for my body nourishing it with the things it wants, and without the things it doesnt. So personally, I think food rules can be ok to an extent. However, the minute I start feeling like I am getting into a restrictive mindset again, I will throw them away. But there is a reason for that- the minute I say, dairy is ok I all but binge on it. Cheese in every meal, yogurt for breakfast, frozen yogurt for dessert and it wreaks serious havoc on my body. So chances are, I will go back to my food rules by choice and not by demand. Though I wont say it isnt hard to live like this, at least in the beginning stages. Eating out is especially difficult, unless we eat at Fresh every meal and Im pretty sure if that were the case my husband would divorce me. But its something I need to learn to live with.

So tell me your thoughts. Do you have any food rules? Whether it being no food after dinner, no dairy, no sugar, no meat/seafood, gluten-free, no iceberg lettuce etc. How do you accept them as a way of life, without being restrictive? How do you combat challenges you face with these rules, while dining out or on vacation?