Exciting Competition

Happy humpday! I can NOT believe it is already Wednesday. Only three more days of class and I am DONE with advanced! One more month of personal chef, and thats it. Exciting, a little scary, but exciting.

A few pieces of business:

Thanks for all the facebook likes! But I know I have more readers than that. 😉

So Ive got a deal for you.


Cashew butter, Glo bars, Kettle chips, Trader Joes goodies from the states, home made granola, books, magazines

This one is a BIG one. And Ill send it to you, whereever you may be in the world.

All you need to do is this:

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And when I reach 100+, Ill pick a winner! Now GO! 🙂


So after youre done doing that, why not check out my updated pages:

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Theyre all a little more organized up there, I hope you guys find them easier to read/search through!

And coming very soon


Alright, alright. You guys want the food porn, right?

Heres a peek into last Saturday for you

It was the perfect morning. Warm, but not scorching. A light breeze off of the lake. We headed down to the distillery district for a warm cup of tea and a fresh pastry to start off our weekend. The sun shined down on us as we sat amongst people and birds alike, enjoying the morning and being thankful for the weekend we were able to share together, after so many weekends apart.