Fun stuff and Fun Times

How were all your Mondays? Mine wasnt too bad, considering it was a Monday we did some fun Molecular Gastronomy stuff in class- think parmesan foams and ravioli-less ravioli. Very cool!

As planned, I made Chicken Broccoli Casserole for the husband and I for dinner.

I made all the components, tossed it in a dish, even grated my own organic cheddar to go on top. I popped it in the oven, started on dishes and realized I forgot the greek yogurt. Whoops! Funny part about it, was I sent him out on a special trip yesterday because they were out of greek yogurt at Whole Foods! But even without the creaminess from the greek yog, it was incredibly tasty- I will definitely make it again, this time with the yogurt! Thanks for the recipe, J!

And then husband and I headed out to start furniture shopping. His side of the family is giving us a new bed for our wedding present, which I am super excited about because our bed is currently my bed from middle school- circa 2002, people. Clearly we need a new bed!

We made our way through ikea, found a bunch of stuff we liked, and will probably go back. As much as I enjoy shopping, man that place is exhausting! There is a reason the frozen yogurt is located right near the exit you NEED some sugar after that epic adventure!

So enough babbling.

Today I am here to tell you that the blog is growing up. Yep, Im going to be done with culinary school soon (a month today!) and she needs a bit of a grown-up makeover. After all, she is almost three years old now. So along with the changes youll see in the way I am eating, youll find some new pages and fun stuff to browse here as well! Coming soon!

In addition,we have a new facebook page- entering the world of social media! Id love it if you liked the site there may or may not be a reward for those of you who do in the very near future *hint hint*. On the left side of my home page, you will find a facebook widget, where you can click right onto my page and like it right then and there. Thanks!

And my last tidbit of the day

Guess what came in??

My Vibrams!

He got me these for my birthday and they came in about two weeks ago Ive been too busy to tell you guys about them! Ive been wearing them everywhere, and it is a strange feeling at first, but Im really loving them! More on them soon!

Ok, I think that was enough randomness for the day.

Heres a question for you: Ever realized afterwards you COMPLETELY left out a big ingredient in a recipe? How did that work out? Aside from the above, there may or may not have been an incident in which I forgot the flour in a cake. Whooopsss 😉