The New Life

Today is not about food, or fitness. There are no recipes, no excercises, no photographs of steaming heaps of vegetables.

Today I am going to be selfish. Today I am going to talk about nothing but me. But dont worry, youll get your chance to talk about you just bear with me 😉

I have been married for one week today. And in only a week, I feel like my life has changed for the better. Not only because I have a wonderful husband, which I do, but because I feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Let me explain.

Before the wedding, I was worried about my weight. I was obsessing about what I ate, I was meticulous about the amount of exercise I got. I was determined to get skinny, in any way I could. I was focused on looking my best for my wedding day- focusing on my happiness, for one day of my life. However what I failed to focus on was the happiness I would gain in the long run. I wasnt treating my body right, so my goal was simply to be happy for one day- and go back to my usual routines after the wedding, and deal with my body issues yet again.

What I failed to see, was that maybe there were things I were doing- obviously in less obsessive manners- that could possibly benefit me for years to come. That maybe, subconsciously, I was tapping into things I already knew about my body- things I didnt really want to admit before.

Soon after the wedding, I felt like a great big weight was lifted off of my shoulders. In my post right before the wedding I discussed all of the changes I felt during my wedding slimdown, and all the things I realized about myself. I finally started to notice that eating a certain way made me feel good- no stomach problems, no instant bloat I started eating not to look good but to feel good. And in turn, I look the same as I did on my wedding day. What a revelation!

This has all hit me like a ton of bricks. I am actually excited to plan meals, to cook, to eat again. And my newfound lifestyle has just given me so much energy and passion to let everyone else know that I feel GOOD. Now, I love commenting on blogs, but rarely am I so opinionated that I NEED to respond. Lately, all Ive wanted to do is respond.

A few days ago, Heather posted about her eating habits, and how they dont really fit in with the USDA standards, but its fine- because it is what works for her. I couldnt agree more- here is my response;

You know what? Three years of nutrition studies in University and I am DONE with the USDA. Yeah, yeah, I know they mean well. But we have an obesity epidemic on our hands and no one has stopped to think… maybe it should be a little more individualized? Which is why I quit nutrition school, am becoming a chef and holistic nutritionist, where I can help people, like you, figure out that 50-30-20 i s NOT for everyone. I love fat and I love protein, and as much as I love carbs… they don’t love me as much Ok, off my soapbox for now.

And back from her wedding and honeymoon, has similar thoughts as I do about her changing lifestyle- eating more intuitively than by the book. And again, I responded within seconds of reading it;

Don’t worry about not blogging everyday anymore- I don’t either! And I love that you’re eating intuitively know, with just the basics of balance- this is what I’m doing now and it feels GREAT. I feel like such a weight was lifted off my shoulders after the wedding. NOT that I am going to start scarfing chips and chocolate cake, but if I am hungry and want something… I EAT it. No eating 5 meals a day, because I “need” to… eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full. So simple, so liberating.

Now its time to really put those things I learned into action.

What I am understanding now, is, I am happy. Happy with the way I look, happy with the way I feel- and its almost overwhelming, because I can not remember the last time I was completely happy with myself. I Either I was too skinny or too fat never right where I wanted to be. Now I am here. And I am ready to learn what is right for my body to stay this way, by focusing on myself like I never have before. Eating intuitively- really intuitively, but paying attention to the things I have learned about myself. Things such as making an effort to eat more healthy fats and proteins over carbs- especially sugars. Not low carb in any way- but making an effort to focus on plant based carbohydrates than anything artificial. Eating close to the earth, eating fresh, eating organic. Exercising for fun- not to burn calories. This will be hard for me, because I love my bread, my pasta, my starches. But it is crucial for me to at least try eating this way more- because it makes me feel good. And my ultimate goal is to stay truly happy with my life.

With this, you will without a doubt see a change in the blog. The blog has gone through a lot of changes in the last year- as have I. Instead of my day-t0-day eats, I will be going back to my weekly recaps, along with hilights of certain dishes or foods I ate, made, or really intrigue me. I will be focusing on my new way of life, my new food philosophy, and taking you along for the ride. No more slimdowns, no more challenges, no more strict workout routines or calorie counting. No labels. Just me, enjoying food, enjoying eating, enjoying exercise and practicing moderation- not obsession.

So heres to the journey. Here is to my new life. Focusing on myself and what is right for me, and me alone, like never before. Ditching labels, ditching diets and eating intuitively. Enjoying my food, respecting my body and living life to the fullest.

Now its time to hear from you: Have you ever felt this kind of personal revelation? The kind where you look at yourself in the mirror and realized, shocked, you are really, truly happy with the person that looks back? How did you react?

And if you would like to share, what works for you, food-wise? I thought it would be interesting to share all the different ways we eat, because as we all know, it is very, very personal.

Peace and love,