My Mom Made it


Long time no see, huh?

I was off, enjoying the weekend and my time with my mom- but Im back now, Wedding Slimdown in full swing!

How was your weekend?

I tried to keep mostly healthy this weekend, with a few treats here and there- but I dont think I did too bad! The next few weeks I am cracking down, however- its all about healthy eating for me, with the wedding less than 3 weeks away!

With that, my weekend!

Friday was a whirlwind. It was the last day of my final, and I am happy to report I passed! I am done in the kitchen and on my way to the classroom for the last 9 weeks of my schooling. I can not believe only 9 weeks and I will have my degree in Culinary Management! What an experience it has been.

I had a funny day of eating on Friday LOTS and lots of tastes in the afternoon, Im sure it didnt fit into my slimdown plan, but I had no choice- and it was well worth it with the high grade I scored 🙂

My mom arrived late evening, and already had dinner cooling in the fridge so it was almost ready when she came into town!

Wedding burger test time! I will reveal more about these later lets just say they were delicious 😀

And no dinner is complete without dessert, courtesy of culinary class 😉

We chatted away, and eventually dozed off to sleep.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to drive my husband to the sail loft, where he drove the company van to his regatta. After saying goodbye, I headed back home so my mom & I could start our exciting day! It was craaazy we did no formal exercise, but my little leggies were SORE by the end of the day! We walked, walked, walked! We made our way to ikea and back for lunch, and all around Yorkville and then back to Etobicoke for dinner! Of course we used the TTC some but most of it was pure legwork!

Breakfast twins- iced lattes and b-fast cookies.

Juice it. Only at ikea.

Two for me- a Swedish snack!

Best falafel in town.

Snack break!

1/2 Liter of Chardonnay. Mmm…

My beautiful Momma

Starter- spring rolls!

Pad Thai. Need I say more?

Coconut bliss, dark chocolate chips. Blissful, indeed.

And there were Pomtinis consumed. GREAT way to end a night. 😀

Sunday was another awesome day.

Green smoothie mustache!

We started the day off with a healthy breakfast and a great workout in the park (walk and circuit) and made our way to the Park to meet up with some bloggers! Yes, I totally brought my mom to a blog meetup. Its ok, shes a cool mom 😉

Didnt take too many pictures, but here was the spread

Read more about it on Susans blog! But it was a beautiful day, with delicious food and great company!

Plate #1-

Plate #2-

And 3- shared with my mom!

These green tea cupcakes by Callie were to DIE for! YUM!

The rest of the day was spent browsing & shopping along Queen. Love. I found not one, but TWO dresses for wedding related stuff (engagement pics && rehearsal dinner) that I am so excited to show you soon enough!

And before we knew it, it was time for dinner out at my favorite TO Restaurant!


We started out with the vegan cornbread, because Im obsessed, of course 😉

My mom got the mushroom onion burger-

I tried a bite- delish!

I ordered the Protein Power Salad with house dressing. It was awesome! I loved the superfoods topping, the tempeh was super flavorful I cleaned my bowl!

Of course, all that healthy eating was canceled out by this-

Hey, at least it was portion controlled! And less than 300 calories for a dessert? Score in my mind 😉

See, I had my treats, but I dont think it was too bad. The dress is still too tight, but I had an amazing weekend with my mom which was well worth it. And I have three weeks to fit into the dress! 😀

Have a great Monday night, Ill be back tomorrow with a recap!