Time for Exercise

WOW. Thank you ALL for your amazing words of encouragement about my 3-weeks til the wedding musings! I think with all your support, I will be able to do it!

Ive just gotta focus on keeping this weekends treats moderate 🙂

Lots going on!!

4 hours until the final day of my final exam starts I got a good start yesterday, although the *BIG* stuff has to be done today, I am confident I will get everything done and served!

and then

11 hours until my mom gets here! 3 hours after my final finishes 😀

My camera is still acting up but I found my charger! I left it at his parents house- two weekends ago when we were there last. Luckily, my fiances mom is awesome and sent it to me, so it should be here on Monday 🙂

In lieu of posting photos (again) I decided I would share the workout I will be doing later on today.

Its another hardcore circuit workout the kind that is short and sweet brutal. Just the way I like it.

Move it, move it Workout

Warm up: 6 minutes

1 minute each jumping jacks, jump rope and jogging.

Repeat once.

The main torture

10 burpees

10 pushups

10 jump squats

10 bicycle crunches

20 lunges

1 minute high knees

20 1-leg deadlifts

10 reverse crunches

1 legged knee pushups

10 jump lunges

10 mountain climbers (count 1-2, per leg- that is one rep)

20 squats

10 high kicks (1-2, same as mountain climbers)

Plank- 45 seconds to 1 minute


Thats all for today!