Of course it had to happen

Technology hates me.

You know the problem with my laptop? The video drive is broken. No idea what that means, aside from the fact that it should cost me $1400.

Luckily, there was a glitch in some Apple computers from my generation (my comp is 4 years old!) and I get the part for free. Score!

However, my camera is on the fritz.

You see, it died yesterday, and I lost my charger.

And the replacement charger doesnt work correctly. So for a few days, you are going to be reading babble only. Feel free to leave now 😉

Lets talk about life lately.

My life has been very stressful lately. With wedding planning from 3 hours away from the event, to him never being home, to my final and my technology problems Im just about going insane.

And as my history of food has gone, the more I am stressed, the more I eat.

And I try, and I try, and I try to combat this.

Im getting better, really I am.

I no longer binge due to stress. However, I do eat more especially more carbs. Which, on a small person like me with the metabolism I have, blow me up like a balloon. I am not, in any way, advising eating low carb. Carbs are brain fuel, and they are essential for long workouts. However for myself, starchy carbs really have an effect on me. So I try to stick to less starchy ones, like fruits and vegetables. But a lemon tart there, a piece (or more) of carrot cake there, the large dinner roll I had at dinner I have been far to lenient than I should be, with the wedding three weeks away.

Hence, the inevitable happening.

My dress doesnt zip again. And I dont mean, the last inch. I mean it DOES NOT ZIP. I measured my waist (I dont weigh myself) and I gained 1/2 an inch which doesnt seem like much, but with a dress as tight around the waist as mine it does.

So what does this mean?

It means I need to step up my game. Im not getting too upset over it, because it is three weeks away but it is also only three weeks away.

That doesnt mean depriving myself- it only drives me crazy. No crash diets, just back on track.

It means not skipping a workout, except for my off day, watching what I am eating- because I have been eating out often, eating dessert often, and eating beyond my full point often as well.

This weekend, my mom is coming into town, and in two weeks, I will be home for my birthday weekend, and then it is the wedding weekend. Phew. Those are a lot of challenges in the next few weeks. But you know what? I think I can do it.

Eat moderately, more fruits, more veggies, more protein. More moving.

And most of all, sleep more and stress less.

I have been neglecting my wedding shap eup lately, both online and at home- and I can really feel it both mentally and physically.

Im not looking for drastic changes.

I just want the dress to fit. Ziiiip nicely.

Thats all for today.