Making Dessert Count

Ciao ciao!

How are all of you on this lovely hump day?

Im going craaazy over here. One day til my final, two days til my mom gets here, sixteen days until my birthday and twenty four until I get married. Yikes!

So I have some sad news.

My beloved Macbook, with my pretty Namaste sticker has died.


So today I am taking her to the Apple hospital at lunchtime and leaving her there hopefully she will return after a quick surgery hopefully. But at four years old, I am certain she is nearing the end of her life.

Can you tell Im a little attached to my computer?

Anyway, I am very thankful my tech-obsessed boyfriend has not one, but THREE laptops so I am blogging on his netbook for the time being. Thanks, hun!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for many reasons.

One, being I got a LOT of wedding stuff done. Which is good, because I need to spend the majority of the day today prepping for my final tomorrow and friday. Dreading, dreading, dreading.

Two, because we made my favorite- CARROT CAKE in class. Hence the title, dessert before dinner. More on that soon.

Third, because I had an AMAZING night out with some of my favorite blog girlies at one of my favorite veg restaurants in all of the T-dot.

Is that not the recipe for a fabulous day?

Foodwise, carrot cake aside, it was a good day!

Morning fuel~

Yogurt bowl- plain yogurt, berries, walnuts, cinnamon and stevia

Snack break~

Cottage cheese, Golden Kiss melon- my new fave


Standard turkey sammie- all natural turkey, hummus, LCL wedge, spinach on english muffin, carrots

And then came the dessert. BEFORE dinner. I know, I know- dessert two days in a row? Its all about portion control, baby.

I had a few tastes of this (frosting and cake) before deciding I wanted a small slice.

Dinner wasnt until 8:15, so this was the perfect- albeit not healthy- snack to hold me until dinner.

I traveled, where I arrived earlier than I thought I would, browsed around my favorite used bookstore (Bought two fantastic NEW books for $14!!) and headed to my favorite raw place, where I bumped into a friend!

We headed in together, immediately started chatting away!

I love, love, love raw food. The atmosphere is fantastic. Warm, inviting, and oh so cozy! We had reservations in the Zen, where we all sat on the floor on pillows! So comfy!

I wish I could have taken pictures, but my camera was dying and I cant find the charger. Grumble. But check out the other lovely ladies blogs for pics of our gorgeous dining space!

We started out with a raw nacho platter to share. I had three with guac, salsa and raw sour cream. They were awesome!

To start, I ordered the Veggie Juice- Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Carrot. I loved it!

For my entree, I got the Zucchini pasta special. I have never had Zucchini pasta, except in raw lasagna.

The verdict?

Hated it. 😉

This dish was SO good. Zucchini pasta= a revelation. The sauce was a raw Rose sauce, a mix of their marinara and cashew alfredo sauce. It was rich and creamy, but NO stomach problems after the nuts- a true sign of a good, balanced meal!

We finished the night off with a big mug of tea from Davids tea, which apparently I need to check out. Anyone want to come on a blogger date?

I also had a couple bites of a friends raw brownie. WOW, is all I can say.

Umm, I think it goes without saying that this beat Cafe by a lightyear!! This was a wonderful night. Awesome food, incredible company I was smiling the whole way home!

We all cant wait to go back!!

Have you been to any fabulous restaurants lately?