Crazy Mondays are Returning

Ive had quite a few Mondays off lately but today was a true Manic Monday oh, yes. They are back in full swing. I had lots to do- planning the wedding, planning my final on Thursday and Friday and of course, trying to eat right and get some exercise in!

I managed to eat well, until dessert that is 😉


Green Monsta- Banana, Choco protein powder, Stevia, Vanilla almond milk, SPINACH



Salad Beast. Romaine, cuke, tomato, Gardein faux dijon chicken. Yum.

Afternoon snack was a luna bar- and plenty of tastes of the tarts we were making in class 😀

Dinner- fajitas by candlelight.

Three for me. With all natural, hormone free sauteed chili chicken, steamed peppers and onions, plain yogurt and salsa on mini corn tortillas

It all went downhill after dinner

Lemon tart. Shortbread crust, lemon curd filling, marshmallowy meringue, fresh berries.

No regrets. This was quite possibly the BEST thing I have made out of all the desserts I made in culinary school. And that is a lot of desserts!

I have SO much more to do today- even moreso than yesterday! So I am going to jet. But I have ANOTHER blog meetup tonight- so excited! More on that tomorrow.