Finally back in the T-dot for a weekend! I have been away for the last two weeks I haven’t had time to run any of the errands I needed to!

So this weekend, with my guy sailing both Saturday and Sunday, was the perfect weekend to get caught up on errands, and of course treat myself to some delicious food around Toronto!

Saturday morning I woke up at 5am. Yes, you read that write. FIVE in the morning. And I wasnt thrilled but I was awake. So I got up, sat at my computer to read blogs. A few seconds later, I realized I was starving. Not your usual morning hunger, but starving. I have NO idea what it was- but it didnt take long for me to grab a couple handfuls of peanut butter pretzels to start my morning. Luckily, they hit the spot until I made breakfast around 8.

Over hard egg, LCL wedge, turkey and spinach on a WW english muffin

Gotta have the ketchup to dip.

After relaxing at home in the morning, I made my way to my favorite coffee shop- Birds and Beans, which I hadnt been to in ages- to grab a soy latte.

And it did not agree with me. I know, I know- I stopped drinking soy milk for a reason. But I thought that, maybe this once, because I havent been eating a lot of (processed) soy but nope. Delicious, but I didnt feel too hot.

And then the day full of errands commenced! I grabbed my first set of groceries (I never shop at only one store!) and made my way to Fresh for lunch.

I used to not like eating alone at restaurants. It made me feel kind of like a loser. But you know what? I like it now. I feel quite the opposite actually. Dont get me wrong, I love some company- but its very peaceful sometimes.

I started out with their fabulous grilled vegan cornbread-

Always with a smear of hummus.

And my favorite salad on the menu- the vegan caesar.

No words its just so good.


After lunch, I rolled my way to Yorkville for some wedding errands. First up- makeup by MAC.

So I realize Im a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to makeup- on one hand, I love trying out new, eco friendly, all natural organic mascaras and lip gloss but when it comes down to it, I LOVE my MAC. I actually used to want to be a makeup artist for some time. So for the wedding, I went straight to MAC for a mini makeover for the wedding. Ill be doing my own makeup- but I had to buy almost a whole new collection- I hardly wear any now, being in culinary school.

My lips are a bit much here… I think Ill tone them down. Otherwise, this is it!

I walked out far poorer than I was when I walked in, but satisifed! The girl helping me was super sweet, it was a great experience!

A couple more errands ensued, and then to Whole Foods for a snack and dinner ingredients.

Coconut bliss sample!

I ate half of this juicy pineapple bowl

By the time I finally made it back home, I didnt want to make dinner! So I pulled out the big [easy] guns

Frozen whole foods pizza. Surprisingly delicious!

Times two.

And for dessert?

I couldnt resist.

The best part? Its VEGAN. And has very few ingredients!

Organic coconut milk, Organic agave syrup, organic fair trade vanilla extract and organic fair trade vanilla beans. Thats it.

Ohhh yeah.

And after finishing my book (any suggestions for a new one??) I settled into bed. A long, busy day- but a nice one at that.

Sunday I slept in a while because of my early morning on Saturday. I made myself breakfast almost immediately after I woke up.

The rest of Sunday morning wasnt nearly as exciting as Saturday. I basically spent all morning cleaning the apartment!

I broke for a Green Monster at noon.

I took a quick walk to return a couple things to the store (about 20 minutes) and before I knew it, it was time to meet a few fellow bloggers for a meetup!

We went to the Cafe, which is in a little neighborhood on West. From first looks, the restaurant wasnt all that much- but the company was great!

I chatted away with almost everyone who came- even though there was around 10 of us! I

We talked about everything under the sun- from blogging, to makeup, yoga and octopi! I had a great time!

For dinner (or late lunch?) I chose the vegan omelet, which was stuffed with seitan, and came with potatoes, salad and toast and jam.

The omelet itself was pretty good- I liked the texture of the seitan, but the texture of the omelet itself was a bit odd. Tasty, still. I was not a fan of the potatoes, and the jam and bread was mediocre- I only had one bite of potato and one tiny square of bread. I finished the salad, but it was also just average. Overall, I dont think I would go back. Nothing was really stellar.

But it was a great afternoon with the ladies, so that part was very fun!

Back home later, I was still a little hungry, so I had my leftover cornbread from Fresh with some earth balance.

And a couple hours later

I just cant pass up a small cup of froyo for dessert, in this heat!

And now its Monday. Back into the swing of things. But this week is a busy and exciting one- as I mentioned yesterday, with my final on Thursday/Friday and my mom coming into town this week!

What was the best thing about your weekend? Do you have a busy week coming up?