Eco Friendly Ingredients

Whew. Today is the end of one VERY long week for myself! As I mentioned, the last three days were my kitchen basic finals and I was stressed beyond belief. But I made it, its over and I didnt screw anything up too badly, so I think it is safe to say I am onto Advanced 🙂

So I have some exciting news! Today, he and I welcomed a new member to our little family no, I have not been hiding being preggers for nine months, we adopted a kitten! She was born in August of last year (Ironically enough, if she were my child I would be due quite soon! hah!). She was abandoned as youngin and her two buddies were adopted soon after they were put in the Abbey Cats adoption program, and she needed a new home! We were happy to give her one 🙂

On the way home

Isnt she the cutest? 🙂

James has never had a cat, so he is learning a lot! We went out shopping last night for some kitty supplies, and talked about how we could have a green kitty. We figured with all of the efforts we make in our own life to be eco-friendly, we might as well lower our pets impact on the Earth as well! So we set out to find some eco-friendly products.

We couldn’t find eco-friendly options for everything but we did our best. Here are the goods we ended up with to bring our new kitten home-

Carrying case; not green but it is green! Although it is made of plastic (and reusable! hah) we knew we needed something to keep kitty safe on her way home, and anywhere else she needs to go from here on out!

Eco-friendly recycled cat litter! This 6-kg bag set us back only $10, which isnt too bad at all because we feel much better about helping the planet while our kitty has a comfortable place to do her business.

I love the motto!

And this is what it looks like in Stellas box-

We are feeding our kitty an all-natural, healthy diet without animal byproducts or fillers like wheat, corn and soy. Its a bit pricey, but worth it!

Shes eating mostly wet food now, but we are trying to wean her off of that onto the solid foods- better for her teeth!

As for treats, we picked up some of these-

She isnt too keen on these yet we shall see if she likes them!

And finally, toys! Stellas toy box is a recycled mandarin orange box, and it contains a couple eco-friendly playtoys, and well get more soon!

We still have a bunch of stuff to get our little girl- a scratching post, a collar, a bed, etc so I will keep you updated as we work on making Stella an eco-kitty!

For more great ways to make your pet eco-friendly, check out these awesome sites:

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Question: What about you? Do you have a furry friend? And if you do, do you have a green pet?

Ill be back tomorrow with a recap of the weeks fabulous and not so fabulous, eats!