My morning routine

I love my mornings. The alarm going off at 5:20 am doesnt even startle me anymore. When did that happen? I truly get excited to roll out of bed and head to bootcamp. Although it is certainly helpful that it is light and bright in the mornings.come October when its pitch black, I may be singing a different tune.

Fridays are spin + pilates. I think it might be my favorite morning. It feels so nice to stretch out after a long week. I might have slept a little funny this week, cause my neck and left shoulder feel super tight. I have been working on my posture anyway, so its been a good reminder to keep my shoulders down and back and stand up tall! Too much slouching at the computer has wrecked me. When I was carrying so much more weight, I had chronic shoulder problems on my left side. This flashback is a sad but solid reminder of how consequences exist for everything we choose.

But then breakfast! I am starving after bootcamp, and love eating a big hearty meal in the morning. I feel so much more prepared for the day. Its a good thing I dont mind eating near similar things each day, because I love my routine. Its always the sameeggs + whatever veggies are in the fridge. This week I already ran out of asparagus and shallots, so today was a simple mix of zucchini, spinach and garlic. Still yum.

I will never be that person who blogs every single thing they eat, because Im afraid that would be so incredibly boring! I really eat the same things all the time. It works for me:) Love routine.

Especially when that includes coffee.

Spinning, pilates, hearty breakfast, coffee, and half a gallon of water all before 9:00 am? Thats a good morning.