Unique inspiration

Yesterday I had a big huge empty brain. I had nothing to design, nothing to write about, and needed a change of scenery. So, I channeled my inner tween and hit the mall. I had a few legitimate errands to run, and it was a gorgeous day, so the Americana in Glendale was a perfect choice. (Plus, new lululemon pants are legitimate, right? Right.)

It was also a two-cup-coffee-day. Iced coffee from Priscillas is always a treat!

So much of my days are spent in front of a computer screen doing one thing or another, and as a motion graphics designer, my art is mostly bound to the eye and ear because it is digital. Sometimes I crave tactile and texture and being able to interact with pretty things. (Again, lululemon pants count, I swear.)

I took this pic solely for nostalgia 🙂 When I was in college, my dear friend Audrey and I would take trips to Barnes and Noble every time we needed a new journal. It was a huge deal to get off campus and drive the half hour to the store, so we would pore over the options making sure we picked the absolute best one. I LOVE that I have a written record of those years, which is a huge reason I hopped back on the blogging bandwagon. 🙂

Love that. So pretty, even in a mall.

Its so refreshing to sit back down to design even to design meals after a hunt for some inspiration.

I created this for lunch. Very, very yum.

I generally dont plan meals in advance, but figure out ways to use whatever veggies I have on hand. I plucked an armful of veggies out of the fridge and this is what happened. 🙂

Chopped dill. I love dill especially because it reminds me of my Aunt Sally. When we were little girls, she would make us toasted bagels with butter, cream cheese, and dillweed. Even though it was dried and had probably been in the spice rack for ages, I thought it was so, so fancy. I cant smell dill now without smiling about her.

Sauteed shallots, asparagus, and fennel, plus the dill.

Dumped over a plain old salad greens, and dressed up a bit with a mix of apple cider vinegar + olive oil + maple syrup + lemon juice.

I loved this, and I will definitely make it again. I love the combo of warm veggies over cool greens, and the tangy dressing balanced the sweet shallots and fennel perfectly. Yum. 🙂

Then it was back to designing, full and inspired.