The Biggest Loser finale

I am beyond excited about The Biggest Loser finale tonight. The absolute worst is watching big shows on the west coast. This week it was LOST AND The Biggest Loser. And ok, Dancing with the Stars. I think it will be a late night with the DVR. 🙂 I have to cut myself off of Facebook and Twitter hours early in order to not get spoiled! Grrr. It is a huuuuge pet peeve. You East Coasters live in the future!

Last night in between spin and yoga I was chatting with my friend Dennis at RPM. He is so fun to be around and kinda reminds me of my dad. Dennis has lost over 80 pounds, so we have a good time swapping stories and encouragement.

He put these two weights on the ground and told me to lift it.

I think I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, but I tried. And they wouldnt budge.

Then I got it.

He put the exact amount of weight on the ground that I have lost. I used to carry that much extra around everywhere! It was a very cool moment.

(No, I would never try and lift those weights that way, it was just too funny a photo op to pass up!)