Weekend Recap

It has been quite the relaxing weekend. We kicked it off Friday night with a screening of Shrek on the Paramount lot. It was actually funnier and more enjoyable than I was expecting. I got a huge knot in my stomach just before the end credits, but it was very cool to see my work on the big screen. Of course, some parts were messier than I remembered, and I saw a million places for improvement.butoh well. 🙂

Shrek self-portrait

Saturday was L-A-Z-Y. I asked my friend if he wanted to go to Salsa with me, and he told me only if there were chips.get it? Har har. This week I was determined to only go to Salsa and not stay for two more hours of a Body Barre/Pilates beatdown. Im not sure if thats laziness or just a desire to actually walk for the remainder of the weekend.

Ate this!

I had good intentions to go watch the Stage 7 time trials of the Tour of California, but I watched it like this instead:

The lounging continued into Saturday night with a rousing round of logic puzzlesseriously:)

And why stop lounging when Sunday rolls around? I did go to my friends wild and crazy Sunday morning spin class so I wouldnt feel quite so guilty. It was hilarious and entertaining as usual. 🙂 I was super hot and sweaty when I got home, so I blended up an enormous smoothie and even though I was super hot and sweaty, Sunday mornings call for coffee.

Then I did a lot of sitting and reading and snapping on the front porch. Bliss. Happy Sunday!