Happy Fridays

Today is a great day! First, happy birthday to my amazing dad!

I called my dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday. He is beyond excited to go see Shrek tonight for his birthday. I love that he kinda has no clue what motion graphics is and what exactly it is that I do, but he is fascinated by it. He told me all he gets to do is stare at a spreadsheet all day. I didnt tell him that sometimes pushing pixels is just as tedious. He also told me that the last movie he saw was probably Saving Private Ryan, and Im guessing that was a VHS rental. I hope they have a good time.

My buddy (aka The Boyfriend) and I are going to see it tonight also. Im sorta trying to pretend that Im seeing it in Richmond with the family, but Im trying NOT to think about them having Buzz and Neds after! (A-ma-zing BBQ joint in Richmond, by the way.)

Maybe they will be a little jealous of me getting to see it for free on the Paramount lot? Its not as glamorous as it sounds, but Im still looking forward to it. That work was grueling and stressful, but I am definitely proud.

I Shrek-ified my omelette this morning it was ogre sized and had lots of green inside!

Happy weekending!