Bluebells in England

Well its December, but I still wanted to share a few of the bluebell pictures we took in May, just because they are so pretty. We went to Christmas Common in the Chilterns to explore.

The bluebells are unique to England in that they are way more concentrated than anywhere else in the world. They generally grow in the wild and their violet-blue flowers blanket the forest floors of ancient woodlands in early May. There is something about the acidity and mild temperature fluctuations of forests in England that the bluebells are keen to (not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer). Bluebell woods are actually protected under UK law. The flowers are strongly and sweetly, almost musty scented. I think they actually smell kind of florally-woodsey. And it just so happens that several of the best bluebell woods are in the Chilterns AONB, just outside our front door!