Tips for Feeding Your Toddler Healthy Food

I thought this post might be a fun way to recap what my daugtherdays have looked like from a food perspective. Of course no two days are the same, so I included 48 hours or so of meals and snacks. Maybe sometime Ill do a post like this for myself, but this time, I’m going to focus on what Ive fed her, my 19-month old. I think a little bit of variety is good for toddlers. They don’t want to eat the same things, just as we dont want too. I try to feed her what were eating as much as possible, just because its easier that way a nd she is going to want what Im eating anyway! But also with regards to what I know she likes and will actually eat. And with regards to what will fill her up! Its a dance.

Her best meal is probably breakfast. Shes starving when she wakes up and when we go to get her from her crib, she immediately wants Eeee, Eee Eee, which means she wants an egg. She LOVES eggs. She actually requests them every meal, but egg and eat mean the same thing in her mind, so Im still working on deciphering if she wants eggs specifically or is just simply hungry. Oh, toddlers. We do however eat eggs a lot for breakfast, but are trying not to indulge her request every day.

Lunch is hit or miss, depending on how close it is to nap time. She doesnt always last that long at the table before being absolutely ready for a nap. And dinner is generally a pretty good meal, and fun for her because we *try* to all eat together, if it works. I offer her whole cows milk (that we now get delivered Ive never had milk delivered before- so convenient!) with breakfast and dinner and generally smoothie with lunch, because I sneak in her probiotic that Im hoping will help with eczema issues.


So this was dinner one night: pesto and pea spaghetti. She also had a dried apricot, that she personally requested, some havarti cheese pieces and salad like mama had.

Breakfast consisted of porridge (whole oats, grinded slightlymakes for a creamier oatmeal), with a drizzle of honey , cinnamon and raisins. Also with plum and banana slices.

Most days, we go running together mid morning. Snacks definitely help this process work and become routine, again. Cheerios and raisins, her favorite.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from our run and playing at the park. She had this yogurt while at the store to hold her off till we got home to make lunch.

For lunch, she had a cream cheese and spinach sandwich on fresh-from-the-bakery spelt and honey bread. Also with her smoothie, a cheese stick, tomato pieces and blueberries. She ate all those blueberries and some.

Snack after nap time was more cheese, more blueberries and a rice cake. This girl has a sixth sense for when blueberries are in the house!

Dinner was whole wheat couscous with lemon pesto, tomatoes, spinach and fresh mozzarella. Elsa also had leftover baked beans, which she loves, and grapes.


Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs. I made 2 for us to share, and she ate most of them. Also with toast with butter and jam, strawberries and bananas. Milk too.

Lastly, lunch was seed + nut butter and raspberry jam on that good spelt bread, and grapes, leftover couscous and cheese. I was planning on giving her cheese, but she saw the little packages in the fridge and *had* to have one. We shared this plate on a picnic outside.