5 Ways Fish Can Improve your Nutrition

For a lot of you, fish might not be something youre really comfortable with preparing. With a few tips, I think youll find its really quite simple, and fast, to prepare a hearty + healthy meal including salmon. I love salmon, especially, because I dont think its as fishy as other cuts of fish it really is quite dry, and it can be paired with so many different flavors. Even if youve been turned off to fish in the past, I really encourage you to try a recipe or two using salmon. Now salmon is the best eaten fresh in the middle of summer; but flash frozen salmon is really quite good as well. A lot of salmon, or fish, are frozen at sea, which means they are caught, delivered to the tender, and immediately processed and flash frozen within hours of being caught. So really, frozen salmon can be even more fresh than fresh salmon, if that makes sense!

5 ways to eat more fish and improve your health
1. aim to eat fish for dinner, once a week
2. if you already eat fish 1x/week, eat it 2x/week (or more!)
3. if you dont like fish, try salmon! Its flavor and texture might surprise you.
4. use your left over salmon on a salad for lunch the next day
5. if all of the above fail, take a refrigerated fish oil spoonful or capsule (like this or this) daily.

Here is a list of great salmon recipes, pairing various different flavors. I love salmon prepared simple with salt and pepper, and maybe a squeeze of lemon. So simple and delicious. Serve with salad or steamed broccoli and brown rice and youve got a hearty meal. I also love salmon paired with asian flavors like miso, ginger, or sesame. And dont forget smoked salmon, a treat in our house. Its the best eaten plan, right out of the package.