Making Homemade Granola

This wouldnt be a blog if I didnt talk about granola at least once! To be honest, I often go through granola kicks. Ill eat it everyday for a few weeks, and then Ill forget about it for a few months. Not intentionally Ill just forget to make it for a while. I love having a jar of homemade granola on hand because it makes for such an easy, hearty breakfastno cooking required! Granola is a great source of protein and fat to curb your hunger through lunchtime. I like eating it with vanilla almond milk, or on top of a few dollops of plain yogurt.

My favorite specialty granolas are expensive! And its really quite easy to make your own, and it keeps for a while as long as its in a sealed container. I like using canister jars, because its pretty on the counter too! For the last few years, Ive whipped up several different batches of homemade granola that have all been slightly different variations of each other, based on what I have on hand in my cupboards. I love the earthy flavor of olive oil in granola. I always use olive oil as my fat, and maple syrup as my sweetener, which are both whole foods. Whole foods are commonly referred to as foods that exist in nature or with very minimal processing, as close to the source as possible. Whole foods are considered products of nature, rather than products of the food industry.

I like Bobs red mill organic oats as my base. They are a great small business out of Oregon that makes high quality grains and flours, including gluten free. This recipe uses the sweet and spicy kick of crystalized ginger, the tangy sweet flavor of dried apricots along with a subtle hint of cardamon. The rest of the ingredients are totally up to you to make your granola your own by substituting or adding other ingredients. A few off-the-beaten-path inclusions might be pistachios, dried cherries, pumpkin pie spice, coconut flakes, chia, hemp seed, sesame, rice puffs, figs.

Without further adieu, here is my recipe.