Choose Local Food

Ive been thinking about how easy it is to choose local foods in late August. The nectarines + peaches are ripe, straight from Wenatchee. Weve had our fill of raspberries, and there are still a few gems to be found. Organic blueberries dont cost $5.00 for a pint. Zucchini and other summer squash are all over. Fresh salmon, not frozen, is available for a few more weeks. Sweet, crunchy corn on the cob. Blackberries in our neighborhood whisper to be picked mid-run. Real, flavorful tomatoes. Basil. Walla Walla sweets. I could go on

Today, Im over with an article on the crown jewel of late summer. Watermelon are just so much sweeter in August. Reading this will leave your mouth watering and driving to pick one up at your local market. Not a bad thing though, because watermelon are mostly water!

Eating locally after late summer and fall harvest proves to be a bit more of a challenge for me. I have to work a bit harder to read labels and fruit stickers to determine where that produce is coming from. Im excited that Ive found and antiquate using their resources to help me track down what I need in terms of local food, especially during the winter months when its not so easy to find things that are from the greater area. Bridges the gap between farmers and consumers and is currently the only nationwide network of local food. Ive already used them as a resource to find local farmers markets and restaurants who source local foods in my neighborhood.

We went blueberry picking at Blueberry Hills while in Chelan a few weeks ago. Such a great little U-Pick farm and breakfast spot above Lake. I picked and froze several pounds so I can have local berries in my freezer stash. This way, we can have local blueberries throughout the year, and not just in summer.

Elsa especially liked picking the blueberries.

What kinds of foods do you enjoy most in late summer? Do you can or freeze anything?