My Ultimate Green Smoothie Recipe

With the heat wave weve been experiencing in the Seattle area (mid 8os all week!), I havent wanted to turn on my oven. Or cook for that matter. Luckily, weve spent some lovely days on the saltwater where we wander the beach, collect crabs, shower outside and enjoy post-dinner swims out to the dock. Weve been grilling a lot of {veggie+salmon} burgers, salmon, zucchini, peppers, corn and onions. For breakfast, Ive been blending a lot of smoothies and LOVING them. Im always surprised at how filling they are.

Ive recently been loving the versatility of hemp hearts for added protein. I add hemp hearts to homemade nut+seed bars, granola, and smoothies. Im not a big fan of protein powders, as they are often heavily processed, and I try to use whole food sources of nutrients as much as possible. Hemp seed packs in 10g of protein per 3 T of hemp seed. Pretty good. Im lucky to have a high-powered blender that smoothly blends greens and other gritty ingredients like dates and hemp protein. It makes all the difference in taste and texture! It is an investment, but it can do so many things in the kitchen.

I use a lot of recipe variations for my green smoothie, based on what I have on hand and what Im in the mood for. I love the organic mango chunks and super greens bags from Costco.

This is the recipe for my classic go-to green protein smoothie. Dont be intimated and give it a try. My 10 month old daughter sips her up without too many breaths for air. It tastes better than you think- promise!