Stunning Beautiful Utah

I love Utah! I am continually amazed at the magnificent masterpieces nature has created here. I can’t get enough of it, and luckily for me, there is plenty to be had in this unique and geographically diverse state. What a blast– hiking, dirt biking and four wheeling in the San Rafael region of southern Utah. “The San Rafael Swell has long been considered one of the “undiscovered” natural wonders of the American West.” ( ) I fully agree with this assessment! There wasn’t another soul around. It was peaceful, serene and utterly breathtaking.

There are gorgeous rock formations, canyons, trails, and scenery abounding. The Native American petroglyphs and Indian writings, alone, make the trip to this secluded desert oasis well worthwhile!

A Slot Canyon, a cool gnarly tree with the roots growing out of the rocks, lizards, and an old mining cabin with the contents still inside are only a few of the the thrilling and unique things you’ll see while hiking here.