The Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco


The Chinese culture has touched every part of the world. However, in certain parts like San Francisco, there are Chinese culture centers that are dedicated towards the promotion of Chinese culture and to educate people about the benefits that this culture brings.

The Chinese culture center has been successful in spreading its roots throughout San Francisco since the past 30 years. It holds a number of events annually. It has received a lot of support from the community and the list of supporters of this center is long.

Some of the aspects that the events cover about Chinese culture are as follows:

  • Traditional art
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Films
  • Lectures

Exhibitions are also held to spread knowledge about the Chinese culture and help the artists in getting recognition in a foreign country. The center also celebrates the Chinese New Year and organizes movie nights for senior citizens.

The center keeps its focus majorly on the Chinatown section of the city and other cities of Bay Area. It also works towards educating the youth of Chinese origin about the culture of their country. The center issues an event calendar each year to alert people about the upcoming events. There are spring festivals, galas and free clinics as well.

In the education section, the center offers education about China’s exclusive skills such as painting, mandarin, Tai Chi, Paper cutting, Chinese chess and other cultural classes. A student can easily enroll into these classes by filling a simple form.

Apart from this, workshops are also held. These can be joined in order to learn the special techniques that the Chinese culture has to offer to the world. These include, paper cutting, sample tasting and book signing, membership gatherings, dinners with special guests, Asian tea tasting ceremony, fiber art, puzzles and much more.

Another interesting part about the Chinese Culture Center is the Heritage walk that it holds for two hours. This walk reflects the change in time and culture of China throughout years. It also lets people know more about the history of China and how its leadership has evolved over time.

The website of the Chines Culture Center holds all the information about the activities and a person can easily know about the different festivals and holidays of China in a year. An entire list is provided over the website according to the Chinese calendar. You can also learn about the Chinese zodiacs through their website –

A large number of people give donations, take memberships and volunteer in the work of the Chinese Culture Center. If you are looking for an admission into the center, you just have to a pay a small amount of $5. The center is located inside the Hilton San Francisco Financial District. To know more details you can call them at 415-986-1822. The official address of the office of the center is 750 Kearny Street, Third Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108-1809.